Color Coding

You may notice that the Bible studies offered by Dantes Joseph (me) have some distinct color patterns. Below is an attempt to explain what the colors are designed to convey. Understanding this might help someone to relate to, Lord willing, how the verses are laid out based on context:

DARK GREEN: Salvation relating primarily to the sealing of the believers prior to the great tribulation

ORANGE: Tribulation related events. Time when God was hiding His Face from the Body; Elect included

RED: After the tribulation - Judgment on the church at the revelation of Christ

LIGHT GREEN: After the tribulation - Salvation relating the collective gathering of the Elect

PURPLE: Words or phrases pointing to the entity of the unsaved church such as Babylon

BLUE: Words or phrases pointing to Christ and the Elect

YELLOW: Side notes and commentaries are sometimes highlighted in yellow.

Please note that due to the complexity of the Bible, it may not always be possible to convey the proper message with the use of these colors. For examples, some words or phrases may have a dual meaning or purpose. This can make it difficult to point to the right entity or person. In this case you might see a mixture of colors. But, for me, this has proven to be the best way, Lord willing, to search the Bible in a contextual setting.

Please note also that I began to use this color-coding pattern in the recent past. Therefore there may be studies, specially text studies where these colors may not apply. So please consider only recent studies for the above colors. From this day forward, if the Lord wills, I will try to be consistent with these in future studies.